Trattoria Cento Rampini

Sunny days in spring are what everyone is longing for especially after foggy rainy winters in Northern Italy.
So whenever a sunday is blessed with such a weather everyone is going somewhere for a day or two and there is plenty of beautiful places with great cuisine.
One of these is Mantova, a city that used to be and still is a border town of three regions, Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.
Its position played a big role in Mantova’s history, surrounded by large and powerful regional states, but created an interesting local cuisine too.
A bunch of local friends took me to Cento Rampini, centrally located and extremely busy for the sunday lunch.
The menu is not huge, a guarantee of quality usually.
I skipped the antipasti to go straight for a local must try: risotto alla Mantovana.


It is certainly not soft on your diet being risotto with sausage, with a decorating grilled pork rib.
A little greasy but a flavoury plate from old traditions, and a good match for local wines, like a Falcone 2012, by Prendina.
In a grassy rich land surrounded by lakes and rivers, a fat fish like pike in green sauce, basically veggies in vinegar, with grilled polenta is a natural choice.


Quite a daring match with a red wine like Franz Haas’s Pinot Noir?
No, I think it was just full enough.
Locals celebrate their ‘mostarda’ as the best in Italy, a sort of candied apples spicy sauce, ideal with boiled meat or cheeses, which makes a fantastic dessert


especially with a glass of sweet Recioto Capitel 2011 by Cavazza. 
Classy place, great food, fuel for a long walk in the beauty of Mantova.

Trattoria Cento Rampini
Piazza Erbe
46100 Mantova
Tel. +39 0376 366349

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