The sweet side of Akureyri

The Northern capital of Iceland has a few aces in her sleeve, starting from the breathtaking flight to get there, breathtaking for the sights over the country’s unique landscape and for the emotions of flying with an ever-changing weather.
imageI take here the opportunity to thank Iceland’s superskilled pilots.
imageComing to more mundane subjects, I found two cafes that are good with any weatherimagechilling northern winds or the first spring sun.
The first is Kaffi Ilmur, a yellow house at the top of a little hill, walking around Akureyri is actually a good training 🙂
imageIlmur is supercozy and old-styled with a selection of great albeit not the lightest cakes and a very good cappuccino.
imageIt offered me shelter and a needed carrot cake after the beginning of a heavy rain.
imageimageOn a brighter day, a walk down the main street took me to Bláa Kannan.imageBláa Kannan has the same old style interiors as Ilmur, but in a larger setting.imageI picked a chocolate brownie cake.
With the usual approach, I was given icecream abd whipped cream.
Warm cake/cold icecream is a combination that make me forget any diet concern. I find it funny that not being used to it I each time I ordered water, the waitress would point at a jug of free water behind me.
I am sure nobody will find this post’s title misleading if I recommend a place where I had an excellent dinner.
It is called Strikid, it is right in the middle of town, overlooking the fjord and harbour.imageEnjoying that view I started with a lightly smoked puffin with pickled onions in beer sauce.
I appreciated the serving in the jar, it adds somewhat a refined touch of home and old memories. Puffin is not a taste I am used to, maybe too wild, but replicating the beer sauce will become my quest in the near future.
My main course: slow cooked hip of lamb, typical meat of Iceland and cured sheep fille, a juicy one, fried mushrooms and mushroom potato croquet, stout cooked carrots and red currant veal glace.
The croquet is a delicious side to this rather fat meat, well balanced by the omnipresent sweet sauces of Nordic cuisine.
It has been a lovely time, Akureyri.


Skipagata 14 5.Floor
600 Akureyri
+354 462 7100

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