Tampere’s best Restaurant: Heinätori

Life drove me out of Helsinki all the way to Tampere for a very special lunch.
Talking to Chef Sini right before dessert, I realized some are less prone to the fine-dining frenzy and more inclined to emphasize the exquisite simplicity of good old Finnish cuisine, with a twist.
Like this plate of smoked salmon, mushroom salad and smoked beetroot.
It is called Heinätori’s assortment, and it matched my lunch mood.
I found, or maybe I should say rediscovered, vendace. Here with beetroots in vinegar this time and mashed potatoes.
Even though butter-fried does not exactly represent semplicity by Italian standards, I realized at first bite how much I had been missing this little fish, since my last visit to Joensuu in Karelia.
As dessert, I praise Sini’s ability with chocolate, her cake with crumbs was delicious!


Pyynikintori 5
33230 Tampere
+358 32121205

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