Russia’s coolest restaurant

That may seem a bit over the line and I just don’t know how to describe the pleasure of being at EM Restaurant in Saint
Petersburg, a blend of understated elegance, alternative design, and great creative cuisine, a blend so rare to be found.
EMrestaurantThere is no sign outside, so make sure you look through the right windows, ring the right door bell, and that will make it all the more interesting, is this secrecy somewhat related to the nearby mysterious Prince Yusupov‘s palace, the mind behind infamous Rasputin‘s assassination?
The menu is an all inclusive (except for drinks) gourmet meal from starters to  dessert, and it changes quite often.
Tonight it started this way: bread and butter, and a beetroot in three different states of matter that broke many misconceptions I had about this delicious vegetable.
bread at EMСвекла в трёх представленяхStarters kept coming
Terrine of shrimpsПортрет Делекторской Кальмар тушеный в чернилах каракатицы с бататомShrimps terrine, Delektorskaya’s Portrait (named after Matisse’s Russian muse), and cuttlefish stewed in squid ink and sweet potato, my personal favourite.
Картофелный суп с утиным паштетомA potato cream soup with duck liver to fight the Russian winter
Утка в винеDuck leg in wine sauce
13 chocolatesA mind-blowing selection of chocolate, including salty, ginger and truffle, the right conclusion of a fantastic meal.
Alain Ducasse trained the chef very well, my compliments to Edik for his extraordinary restaurant!

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  • comment avatar Julie 14 December 2013

    Nice article! This place seems to be amazing!! I want to try it soon!!

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