Restaurants in Doha: yemeni cuisine at Bandar Aden

Every trip to Qatar’s capital, like my suggested tour here, touches the cozy and exotic Souq Waqif.
Walking along the Souq’s edge, in front of the Al Bidda Hotel, my eye was caught by huge breads spreading from straw plates in all directions, in what looked like a local diner. Meaning for locals.imageHaving tasted more than one of the Lebanese places in town, feeling quite brave at the same time, I thought ‘why not?’.
‘No’ was actually a pattern in my first approach to yemeni cuisine at Bandar Aden.
‘No knives’, I guess part of the culture.
‘No beer’, ouch sorry I forgot.
‘No yemeni tea’, what?
‘No credit cards’, are you kidding?
After that, you/I relax, look around, and cannot help noticing that despite understated interiors the place seems very popular with the locals,imageespecially the area where you might enjoy your dinner on the floor.
And the take away operations, which seem just as popular as the restaurant itself.
The menu is not huge, it specializes in a few selected delicacies not easy to decode.imageCheck above to get an idea.
I wanted yemeni, I ordered yemeni.imageFahsa, a glorious pot of beef stew with spices.
I am not sure how they do that, but meat here seems always so tender, and the taste of stew was delicious and worth everything else I had to give up, even the short walk to the ATM by the Falcon market.imageThe stew is a bit spicy just like this cold vegetable soup which Ayman, the waiter was not able to define in any language I know. Lovely though.imageYemeni bread is freshly baked, you are allowed to take home with you anything that is left if you do not finish it, a likely case.
My dessert, Arika,imageis a genuine creamy pot of bread, dates, cheese, cream and the honey so common in Middle Eastern sweets, just too good, all for 12€!

Bandar Aden

Souq Waqif

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