Saudi Kitchen: Real Mandi in Abu Dhabi

Mandi? Mandi what? 

Well, I could waste all its culinary poetry by replying a mix of rice, meat and spices but this traditional food from the Arabic paeninsula comes with a ritual of comfortably sitting on the floor, amiably chatting with a bunch of friends, eating with your hands after carefully picking the most colourful bites…who wouldn’t love all that? 

Saudi Kitchen in Abu Dhabi serves Mandi at very reasonable prices,

although you should not expect the luxurious venue where all expats go to have brunch on fridays.

So if you want the real deal this is your place. 

It is particularly real because if there are ladies in your group, you are entitled to have a private room, with very discreet curtains: when we got there the restaurant was half empty we were given one, but being only males, we were kindly invited to move to another curtainless ‘table’ as soon as other mixed groups started arriving. 

Special thanks to my friend Hisham for taking us here. 

Saudi Kitchen

Al Nahyan Al Laqeen Street 

Abu Dhabi 

United Arab Emirates 

+971 26418488

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