My first 12 hours of Turkish food culture

I love Istanbul, head to toe, and consider myself so lucky to have visited some of its most famous landmarks,imagealways with an eye for its rich food culture,imagewhich I will condense for you in a 36 hours crash course.
Follow me.

There is one place in Fatih I would recommend:imageHotel Sultania is conveniently located close to Sultanahmet and other famous landmarks, very friendly staff and great service, part of which includes a complimentary Cezerye,imagea confectionery which I quote ‘is traditionally believed to be an aphrodisiac and used to be consumed especially by Ottoman Empire’s Sultans’.
Interesting, don’t you think?

Lunch or tea
Depending on the time of the day you arrive, you may want to head to theimageOld Ottoman Cafe for a relaxing tea in a quiet, and fresher, alley or your first Turkish lunch.imageThe ubiquitous Shepherd’s salad has to be tasted with pomegranate sauce dressing and if you love eggplant,imagethis baked sample with mushrooms and garlic is the answer, ideal preamble toimagea tender lamb stew with hot green peppers.
A complimentary dessert has given you enough energy to walk, so head towards Topkapı Sarayı, the majestic residence of the Sultans,imagefor the sake of beauty and history.

Topkapı may sound too demanding for you at this time of the day, then get a refreshing cultural moment by visiting the Ottoman Tombs nearby in Hagia Sophia’s courtyard, it is free andimageapparently ignored by the main flow of tourists.
Or it may be time for the Hammam experience.imageHowever, before you decide what your night will look like, make sure you taste a Künefe, the traditional cheese pastry in sugar syrup.imageI had a great one in a small diner in front of the tram stop in Sirkeci.imageLook for it and you won’t be disappointed.

If you are up for the busy Istiklal Caddesi, climb the stairs and reach the breath-taking terrace at Midpoint.imageTheir Turkish Cabernet-Sauvignon is a perfect match for the meat dishes in the menu,imagelike a Bosphorus kebab.
If you wish to.improve the qualitu of your sugar intake now, after a short walk to Hüseyinağa, you may grab one of theimagesweet delicacies of Inci Pastanesi.

Stay tuned for the next 24 hours!

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