Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi: Li Beirut

Li Beirut deserves a special medal of honor among the many venues I visited in the Middle East.
I praise this place for three reasons: the first is what many restaurateurs often ignore: service.
Staff here do their job without being intrusive or, worse, absent.
I love their terrace, overlooking the sea, even though not at Burj Khalifa heights, it gives good vibes.
The third reason is, well, food: Lebanese, with a twist.
My choice was one of the menu sets, a good opportunity to try everything, even more than my hunger or greed could handle.imageFirst course is a round of cold mezzah, starters: a sweet and sour-ish muhammara, dried tomatoes dip with pomegranate, hummus, a refreshing fattoush salad, vine leaves rolls.imageHot mezzah: a creamy rokakat, crispy cheese rolls, with lamb kebbeh – breaded meatballs.imageArabic mixed grill: shish taouk, shish kebab, kofta kebab.imageUmm Ali is one of my favourite Arabic dessert, a traditional bread pudding often to be found in Friday buffets in the Middle East, slightly warm and creamy when the cooks do not indulge in too much milk, not the case here with the intelligent addition of date almond ice cream and buttery date honey biscotti.
If you ever happen to be here I can only wish you استمتع بوجبتك!

Li Beirut
Hotel Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Corniche Road West
United Arab Emirates
+971 28115666

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