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If you are not familiar with Guadeloupe, the sign of ‘creole cuisine’ on every second restaurant may look weird after some time. Creole is fusion cuisine, just more than two centuries old.
In our mood ‘since-we-are-here-lets-do-it’ we sampled accras and boudins in many places, and the best turned out to be Le Zawag.
I tend to look for food out of the hotel I am staying at because I am very very VERY curious. I am glad I made an exception for Le Zawag at La Crèole because this luxurious fisherman hut-looking restaurant is a celebration of creole cuisine.
My meals here included starters with the best boudins, blood-pudding sausage, ever.
Boudins, crevette, poisson fumè, accrasAccras, boudins, avocado Feroce, smoked fishIn these ‘assiette caraïbes’, they come together with smoked fish, shrimps and accras.
Accras, local version of fried meatballs, were so tender and never too greasy, that it felt so good to let them melt in my mouth with utmost pleasure.
Prawns with ron, pumpkin puree with curry,
Shrimp tails with ron, pumpkin puree with curryand fishes, especially marlin, are so fresh and tasty as you would expect from a terrace on the Caribbean Sea.
Duo de thon et marlin mousseline de carotte curryChicken combined with octopus and sweet potato puree has given me a different perspective of how tasty fish, meat and sweet flavours can blend in together.
Fricassée de poulet au chatroux, mousse d'ignameThis restaurant is keen on finding solutions even if you feel suddenly desperate for a hamburger
Creole hamburgeror spring rolls,
Creole spring rollsCreole style, naturellement!
Merci Le Zawag!

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