Gothenburg fine dining restaurant: Kungstorget

I wrote about Bee Bar recently, luckily many other good places are nearby. That is what makes Göteborg so cozy.
And Kungstorget with all the local restaurant scene.
The menu is totally Scandinavian style, with fine-dining touch both in fish and meat, especially in plating styles.
I had an excellent scallop for starter
with hash brown, pumpkin and baby spinach, which seems so popular in Scandinavia, and a foamy white wine sauce.
My main course was not that exceptional just a Swedish classic:
cured salmon with dill creamed potatoes and mustard sauce. I would have appreciated thinner slices, they usually blend mich better with the rest of this otherwise nice plate.
I chose the chocolate terrine as the sweet conclusion, chocolate sounds always like a good decision.
I must admit I was thrilled by the mix of chocolate and rhubarb, actually rhubarb compote, walnuts and pickled rhubarb,
but ouch! it is not rhubarb season and I had to go for more standard wild berries, just this time…

Restaurang Kungstorget
Kungstorget 7
41117 Göteborg

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