Gourmet of the Caribbean

seen from the plane.jpgI do not feel like Jack Sparrow, I still haven’t bought the hat. Nevertheless, some night I dreamed of the white beaches, palm trees and the blue blue sky.
Ilet Gosier.jpgI chose the island discovered by Columbus in 1493, Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe is closer than Aruba, to Europe at least, less expensive than VIP St. Barthelemy, you do not need to pass through the U.S. as if outbound to Bahamas, and it is not too mainstream as Santo Domingo.

Le Gosier seemed the best place to make base: this is the most popular tourist area, but with charming corners as the Pointe de la Verdure, where you may find excellent hotels with private beach, a wide range of activities and excursions, and many restaurants and clubs for those who are interested in nightlife and local culinary riches.
This part of the island has the advantage of being not too far from the airport, factor to be considered after a long flight, and is well connected to other places that you may want to visit around the archipelago.
A minimum of French helps, unless you’re fluent in Creole. If you think I am talking about a vegetable, check here.

Stay tuned!

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