Foodie catching internal flights in Iceland? Nauthòll is the answer

Yes dear friends, before you fly out of Reykjavik from the smallest airport you have seen in a whileimageto your hiking tour,imagewhale-watching session, ‘geysir’ or any other popular activity on this island, you may want to have a bite at Nauthòll.
Nauthòll is a nice venue by the sea, at the southern edge of Reykjavik’s domestic airport,imagebasic interiorsimageand cuisine blend of fusion and Icelandic twists.
I went for the most Icelandic, in my eyes at least, items on the menu.
But before that, I was served breadimagewith two different creams: an enjoyable hummus and an addictive delicacy, a whipped mix of yoghurt and butter.
Wondering what the brownish dust is?
Micro-pieces of salty rúgbrauđ, Icelandic bread traditionally cooked underground.
I had smoked arctic char ‘pastrami’ to start,imagewith apple, fennel, creme fraiche and Bloody Mary sorbet.
I appreciated the fish more here than I did the previous night, grease and freshness were all extremely well-balanced. And I think that Bloody Mary sorbet could be a posh starter by itself.
I went on with a catch of the day.imageIceland is famous for the fish, so in my case another cod felt just right, and I recommend anyone passing by to do the same.
Recommendation to passengers flying from RKV airport: do not show up too early, the airport is small, check-in counters do not open much earlier than the scheduled flight and boarding takes very little time.
Enjoy your lunch and have a safe flight!


Nauthólsvegur 106
+354 599 6660

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