Escape to Marie-Galante

Who would not feel like a modern Columbus when landing on an island?
After some time at sea, about 50 minutes, shores and palm trees look so welcoming and nurture a little our ego for having planned such a beautiful move.
Marie-Glante HarbourAll by ourselves!
At least that, I confess, was my state of mind when stepping down to the quay at Marie-Galante.
Gare Maritime - Marie-GalanteIn Guadeloupe there is plenty of options to reach this big southern island, most include a lunch and cost about 90 euros.
However, pride kicked in when I saw an opportunity to save some cash with a discount voucher I had found at a free newspaper abandoned on a Hertz office chair.
I chose the ferry operated by Express des Iles, a company which connects several French Caribbean islands.
We wanted to be independent in deciding where to stop, what to eat, a little freedom, that is.
ferry terraceThe terrace at the stern of the ferry is there for you to enjoy the sun and a few bumps when some waves are higher than others. If your stomach is not made for sea, or you are sunburnt already, you may skip this part and comfortably sit inside. Upon arrival, the crowd would get on taxis in a fabulous hurry, that is the expensive option, or queue under the sun, or random rainshowers, for about half an hour to rent a car.
Marie-Galante city hallWe decided to stroll to the centre of Grand-Bourg, visit the Cathedral
Chiesa di Marie-Galanteand have a coffee with the local cakes at the bakery on the square, Le Soleil Levant.
breakfastBoulangerie Le Soleil LevantWhen coming back to the harbour, before you rent a car you may want to stare at the buzzling fishmarket, some fishermen do not like cameras, so if you really have to get those 200 likes on your Instagram with that unique Marlin fish picture, make sure they are busy serving someone else.
fishmarket Marie-GalanteAs soon as you have your ride, you may get to a fantastic beach, la Ferriere.
Marie-Galante plageFerriereThe restaurant there, La Galette, serves several different salads, light enough not to suffer from the heat afterwards, even if you add a couple of local beers, Carib and Corsaire are very popular.
La GaletteLa LantaiseCarib & CorsaireCoffee @Marie-GalanteMarie-Galante has many sugarcane plantations and distilleries if you like rum and many historical remains of the colonial past,
sugarcaneruinswhich made me think next time I could just spend my entire stay in the Guadeloupe Islands on Marie-Galante.
Seafarer’s pride might give way to a nirvana-like satisfaction.

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