Creole cuisine at 4 Epices

Curiously, when we were recommended this place, the local lady seemed kind of dubious at our interest for Creole cuisine, she sighed: ‘they do not have only local, it’s a little bit of everything, including cuisine from Rèunion’.
terraceI haven’t got what is wrong with Rèunion, beside not being the French Antilles, in fact I loved the colorfoul curtains gently pushed by constant winds, the intimate atmosphere of what is coming from an exotic past, the silence mixed with flavor.
The plating styles are as diverse as this black Boudin, sausage whose main component is pork blood,
Boudindiffers from a Flan de vivaneau, red snapper fish cake.
Red snapper fish cake - flan de vivaneauThe tastes are as rich as the punch list, a celebration of Rons with guava or mango for example.
Punch di guavapunchBy the sea my preference will go to king prawns, intensely tasting of celery, here though I picked an option for beef lovers: Boeuf à l’Antillaise, a stew with a soft cinnamon aroma. Very good combination.
Boeuf à l'AntillaiseSidedishes include pumpkin and sweet potatoes purees.
Pumpkin and yam sweet potatoes pureeMy favourite weakness in this selection of desserts was the coconut pudding and the Tourment d’Amour cake with banana cream on your left. It can get very addictive.

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