Fine-dining in Göteborg: Bee Bar

I have re-discovered a place I had almost lost in the flow of memories from many travels: Bee Bar in Göteborg, Sweden.
I love this place for being this cozy, I mean look at the candles! Despite being in the middle of tourists’ Göteborg.
The spirit of the hip bar is enriched by a fine cuisine, fusion, light, beautifully presented. Swedish? I will let you decide that.
Here I started with a Fröya salmon with Ginger and Wasabi and Soya Mayo.
Caramelised on one side, crunchy that is and a little spicy, with a fresh ginger and fennel salad was just the right starter.
I may assume many love mussels, right Belgian friends? Well you may want to try out the smoked ones coming along this fried lemon sole with white wine, cream and spinach leaves sauce. And yeah, pumpkin puree and trout roe enrich the picture.
If you think any meal is complete without a top quality chocolate you may have some meditation material here:
Rocky Road, brownie, and a chocolate truffle!

Bee Kök & Bar
Kungstorget 13,
41110 Göteborg

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