Beaches in Guadeloupe: the quest for the perfect beach in Basse-Terre

The first creole people here were too busy with the sugarcane harvest, not with naming places.
grande anse trois riv 2Interestingly, two of the most beautiful spots on Basse-Terre are named the same way, Grande Anse.
trois 3The one by Capesterre, Trois Rivieres, has black sands, we are close to a volcano after all, and the last mountain slopes right behind the beach are unforgettable.
behindThe burgeoning nature of Basse-Terre makes the other Grande Anse beach on the opposite side of the island, by Deshaies,
deshaiesa remarkable place to swim and enjoy the big wave that makes kids and adults scream alike when pushed to the shore.
La Grande Anse - Deshaiesdeshaies 3The northern Cluny was the closest I got to my idea of Caribbean paradise,
clugnyPlage de Clugnyvery few people, palm trees and a breathtaking view on the big waves of the Caribbean Sea. Amazing.

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