Beach hopping in Grande-Terre

We thought buses could be a good way to explore part of the island. We were so wrong!

Truth is, you can make the best out of it by renting a car, we had a good service at Hertz in Le Gosier, where the beach of Salako is a good spot to start from.  Plage de SalakoSunset on Plage de SalakoIt should not be too hard to find a boat or a jet ski that can take you nearby to the Îlet Gosier, a natural reserve, with a bar and lighthouse, worthwhile visiting avoiding weekends.
ilet gosierBasse-Terre dall'Îlet GosierOn Grande-Terre the Monsieur Gourmet best beach award was won by the Plage de la Caravelle, right in front of Club Med, in St. Anne.
caravelle 2caravellePictures are a pale attempt to describe its long stretch of white sand, green palms, the blue blue water. Even people seemed to move slower here, to enjoy this Caribbean paradise. Wow!
caravelle 3Plage de la CaravelleKeeping driving eastward towards St. François you will find some nice sights on sugarcane fields and eventually the wilder Bois Jolan, popular for hiking. The beach is smaller but surrounded by lush wilderness.
Bois JolanIn St. François there is a small city beach close to a beautiful and quiet marina, yacht owners have lunch at the marina’s bar, ideal break for beach hoppers. There are many options with creole restaurants nearby.
Marina St. Françoisquick bitesThe most famous landmark in this part of the island is the majestic ocean view of Pointe des Chateaux. It is a very good idea to take a rest on the beach right by the Pointe, especially if you boldly climbed to its top earlier.
Pointe des ChateauxHeading west, you might end up around the area of Babin, where mostly locals relax and enjoy the magical scenario of the lagoon.
Anse BabinIf you are into more rocky sceneries, the north of Grande-Terre has a lot to offer, beautiful spots like Anse Laborde, La Chapelle and Anse Maurice feature the bluest sea ever.
Anse LabordePlage de la ChapelleAnse MauriceIf you miss the sandy seabed already, you should go back to the Plage de Souffleur by Port Louis. It is so welcoming that they even teach pupils from nearby schools how to swim. Note: never seen happier kids.
Plage du SouffleurUp north, do not miss the breath-taking view from the Pointe de la Grande Vigie!
Pointe de la Grande Vigie

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