A journey eastward

A recent mediation about russian cuisine took me further than I expected.

Yes, because Russia is so diverse that it felt totally natural to just leap from Blinis, Kasha and Beef à la Stroganov to stranger food like Mampar, Shakarob and Samarkand’s Plov.

In fact, every foreigner who has spent some time in Russia has included a visit to a Georgian restaurant in his or her exciting few days.
ПхалиEggplant rolls with circassian walnuts pomegranate
I recall exchanging tips with other fellow visitors to the country about the best places to enjoy a Khachapuri, Pkhali or eggplant rolls, only to end up daring more, exploring the riches of Armenian and Azerbaijani food.
khachapuriBeef khashlama
Most of these cuisines have common traits, like the preponderance of meat or certain spices, some of their recipes have become so common in Russian diet that you may well enjoy shashlyk, skewered meat, anywhere in Russia, especially in summer barbecues, without the cook being too proud for cooking something out of the ordinary.
Our journey will begin with Uzbek cuisine which we got to know a little, we will crave some of Armenia’s culinary treasures, we will eventually jump into the world of Georgian fine dining.
Stay tuned!

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