Villa Medici

The city of Veszprém may be on your way if you are heading east to Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, or if you are thinking of a summer party vacation around the lake Balaton.
Whatever the plans, make sure you do not miss this award-winning restaurant: though far from Tuscany, it is named Villa Medici.
Villa Medici interiorsbreadA bread-lover enjoys a few different types, served warm, its ideal companion being a creamy eggplant dip.dipsThe kid inside me enjoys a porcini soup served in two different moments, a tender liver firstsoup 2and the soup gently poured over by the waiter.porcini soupThe highlight of this quick lunch was Mangalitsa, a local pig breed, distant relative of wild boars, served with vegetables and mushroomsMangalitsa with vegetables and mushrooms from forest and fields
Villa Medici Restaurant

Kittenberger Kálmán 11
8200 Veszprém
+36 88 590 072

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