Traditions to keep in 2015: ski holiday



My favourite beginning of the year is what has become over the year a moment not to miss. the ski holiday.
20150104_103947Definitely not because I am a talented skier, but rather for I get some quiet time to spend with my family, which does not happen as often as I would like during the year, when my job keeps me busy elsewhere.
20150104_131757This year I picked a nice spot in the Dolomites I had not visited for a few years, Passo Rolle.
20150103_094455The thing I like most here is the beautiful scenery of peaks and cliffs surrounding the ski trails, such a nice excuse to stop for a minute to admire this beauty.
20150104_1111552015 began just like 2014 ended: as a very warm year.
However most trails were open, as the lowest one is located at 2051 meters above sea level.
20150104_101716Actually that lead several tourists up to the Pass from the lower, crowded and more popular San Martino di Castrozza and from the celebrated Tognola circuit.
20150104_132658We all laugh here about mountain weather being an excuse to eat more, when facing this board of Speck, what do you think?

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