Svostrup Kro

Old Danish inn, located in the middle of Jutland, Denmark.
This place has a long history dating back to the 19th century, with a long sequence of owners passing on the estate surrounding the buildings.
What mattered to me was the exquisite beauty of the Nordic country and yes, the local produce.
I visited the wine cellar, which I am told used to boast even older vintages when it does now. I recommend the descent and watch your head.
I started my dinner with a salmon trioimagebut the highlight of my dinner was the heaviest and tastiest thing I have had in a while. It is called ‘Traditional’.imageBasically crispy bacon, but what a meat!
First of all it was less fat that what we are used to, with the additional freshness and taste of herbs which is always a weak side of mine.imageWhite potatoes, parsley sauce complete the picture. With a fantastic apple and horseradish compote!
The sweet, fresh and spicy blended so well with crispy pork meat that I can only highly recommend the experience.
To all my Danish friends who brought me there: tak skal du have.
Stay tuned!

Svostrup Kro

Svostrupvej 58,
8600 Silkeborg
+45 86 87 70 04

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