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Ski holiday, family holiday

The first days of the year for many Italians have always meant trips to the mountains either to ski, or to annoy skiers like me with your snowboard, if you are one of my younger cousins.
ski timethe AlpsThe beauty of the mountain scenery is truly breath-taking everywhere in the Alps, but I am particularly fond of the northernmost region of Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, an Italian/German speaking paradise for winter sports and relaxing spas.dolomitiMy idea of relax is strongly connected to enjoying the northern cuisine I find here, for which the excuse of having burnt so much
energy going down chilly descents sounds just perfect, don’t you agree?
In our whereabouts, we found a pearl conveniently not so hidden and close to the highway in the town of Nogaredo.
Locanda D&D offers the delicacies of these slopes where grapes grow gracefully kissed by the sun, as that sounds in Italian.
details Fireplace Locanda D&D bread basket 2Cozy interiors with a fireplace and a basket of fresh bread made twice a day warmly welcome guests. A fine wine list is a great asset to this restaurant, we litterally fell in love with Lagrein Merlot.
Every delicious plate served is made with local ingredients from Vallagarina, from starters:
Sfoglia di verdure con fonduta di casaletVegetable puff pastry with casalet cheese fondue
Carpaccio di trotaTrout carpaccio
To the most celebrated first course in the region, canederli:
CanederlottiTo the supreme desserts:
Caffè golosoA cute trio for such a difficult decision
tortino al cioccolato 1A chocolate cake with a warm inside that will make you want to start over again
tortino al cioccolato 2And again
tortino al cioccolato 3And again

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