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COCOCO and the new Russian cuisine

COCOCO‘s Igor Grishechkin is a soft-spoken chef, whose young looks may remind of that schoolmate of yours, the one who used to sit far back in class, not out of a rebellious attitude, but rather because he had something better to think of. The new Russian cuisine.
warm breadI had the chance to explore Igor’s concept of cooking over several visits to this restaurant and I can summarize it by great care for natural ingredients, thank to the connection to Lavkalavka, the Russian farmers’ distribution network, as well as continuous search of culinary traditions to rethink, disparate cuisines to combine, in a unmistakably Russian fashion.
My new russian cuisine frequently begins with a season vegetable salad, in this case sauerkraut and salted veggies with sunflower seed oil dressing and pickles
Season vegetables salad Sauerkraut and salted veggies with sunflower seed oil dressing and pickleswhose savory taste has reconciliated my tongue with vegetables in Russia.
I usually get more than one starter, my favourite course in every meal, just to sample several different flavors.
My #bestoftheday has been and will be assorted patè with onion jam and rye bread toasts
pateAssorted pate with onion jam and toasred rye breadwhich so gracefully fuse with the icecreamish chicken liver pate. Yummm.
Even though I enjoyed roasted beetroot with Circassia cheese mousse
Печёная свекла с муссом адыгейского сыраRoasted beetroot with Circassia cheese mousseas much as I craved this smoked mackerel with potatoes,glazed beet and a Borodino bread pudding, especially the Borodino bread pudding
smoked mackerelmackerelItaly is warmer than many other places, and I can humbly admit soups are not our national specialty, even though several fellow citizens will boast the great tuscan soups just to begin an endless list. I will just go for what other nations have been really good at, here in Russia I am into Borscht, wait! Was that Ukrainian?
borschtVichyssoise soup with herring tartare and dill oil, the making of which is as delightful as eating it
Herring tartare and dill oil for soup Vichyssoise Pouring the soup Soup Vichyssoise with herring tartare and dill oil
Should you feel the need to tell your friends you had Russian cuisine, there is a good chance you would go for the dumplings known as pelmeni, with crispy pork rinds and fried onions here
pelmeni pelmeni
But steering clear of meat might get you a remarkable unusual combination of cod, beetroot puree and salted lemons jam
Cod with beetroot puree and salted lemon jam Cod with beetroot puree and salted lemon jamCOCOCO has a wide choice of drinks, my essential ones being the natural berry juices. 

Bon appètit! Приятного аппетита!


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