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Helsinki, top foodie destination in 2014 – Restaurants

ship outbound Helsinki harborHelsinki is an unexpectedly safe haven for foodies.
Since the very first time, I bumped into complicated denominations like ‘perunakukko’ (loaf of bread filled with potatoes and bacon) or ‘paistettuja muikkuja’ (fried whitefish), which often meant original and highly refined taste.
Perunakukko 1perunakukko 2For a dinner I would pick Ravintola (=restaurant) Kaarna, to sample a reindeer hamburger, Christmas is gone anyway, but before that Kaarna Game Plate is the MUST.
Kaarna game plateCold-smoked reindeer, smoked venison with rowanberry gelée, a typically scandinavian meat and sweet combination, mushroom salad with whole grain bread.
Kaarna fish plateKaarna fish plate is the right alternative if you prefer smoked vendace from Kitka and freshly smoked salmon
Open sandwich KaamaOpen Sandwich Kaama, roast salmon, shrimp, warm-smoked white fish and saladon white bread.
If you realized after the starters that you can’t live without reindeer meat anymore, you may be craving this reindeer hamburger steak, onion and sweet pepper braised in sour cream with salad in a Lapland-style flat bread pocket.
Reindeer in flatbreadKaarna finds the right match between food and beers, my personal favourite and the most recommended for reindeer meat is Året Runt!
Året RuntFinninsh blueberry pie with its warmth blends so perfectly with the lightly sour taste of goat milk ice cream, remarkable.
Blueberry cake and icecreamIf you are in Helsinki in the summer, go to Kappeli: get a salmon sandwich inside and enjoy the beautiful terrace on the Esplanadi.
ristorante KappeliWinter version is very good too, indeed.
The same area celebrates G.W. Sundmans’ restaurant and Krog (=tavern), and I must say the Krog was so worth it: I had the best fish buffet ever.
Krog's fishbuffetWe finish our tour with Kolme Kruunua, above the harbor area, and with a sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes and lingonberries
sautee reindeera salmon medallion with chive-hollandaise and baked potatoe with sour cream filling
salmon medallionand a reindeer tenderloin with red wine sauce and creamy vegetable hash
reindeer tenderloin in wine sauce
Long story short: Hyvää ruokahalua!

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