Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, the Duellists of macarons

I have been recently quite exposed to the macarons-mania.
I do not blame fellow bloggers from the fashion world who apparently live on this cute little sweet (and post them every moment of the day).
So much had I been thinking about it, that I could not take it anymore and was extremely excited to go to Paris, the city where they seem so good at making les macarons.
I am always short of time, and a trip to Paris must include oysters and wine-shopping too, therefore the macarons’ moment has to be optimized: I did what everyone does, short-listing, and yes you are right,
the last two stubborn duellists did not really want to give up: Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine were ready to fight to the very end in the Ridley Scott’s movie.
In my case the two proud gentlemen were Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.
Being a man of peace, I decided to give each his chance.
I must say straight I had the opportunity to sit at Ladurée in Rue Royale 16, not as busy as the one in Avenue des Champs-Élysées where a long cue turned me away after ten minutes, looking for temporary relief towards the Christmas Market and its street food offer.
Whereas my visit at Pierre Hermé (thank you Erika) was a quick and very greedy look to decide what to taste on the way to a brasserie.
At Ladurée we had twelve different macarons, they have a four-macarons menu, my favs were rose petal and salted caramel,
Ladurée has plenty of delicious-looking cakes,
but we had a plan and it was about the specialty of the house.
I shared the opinion of the ladies who were with me in this food adventure and I found the perfume bottles on sale by the entrance very cute.
Laduree perfumes
Pierre Hermé has perhaps a more daring approach leaning towards salty food, or perhaps that is what caught our eye,
and what we enthusiastically embraced: white truffle, or foie gras with figs did not really matter, they were just too good.
A trip in the macarons’ world ended differently from the movie where eventually one of the two opponents manages to win and declare the other a dead man.
After our experience on the field, we concluded that its own way each of the two macarons’ duellists is invincible.

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