Joensuun Teatteriravintola: Joensuu’s Theater Restaurant

It maybe quite a ride from Helsinki to Joensuu, but Finnish regional trains are comfortable and Karelia has a lot to offer especially if you want to relax by one of the region’s many lakes in the summer.
I found this restaurant by chance, well, the town is not exactly a metropolis so most likely anyone would bump into it when strolling around the City Hall and the park in front of it.
I enjoyed the local cuisine, I always do, and Teatteri Ravintola is really one of the best Finnish restaurants I have been to so far.
My typical meal here would include:
Karelian piesKarelian pies at Teatteri RavintolaKarjalanpiirakka, Karelian pies with egg butter spread. Watch out the addiction to them begins unexpectedly in a very smooth way because they are so creamy, especially with rice filling. You may find Karelian pies in most good hotels in Finland for breakfast, along several other delicacies, but this simple and so irresistible Finnish recipe is my top choice.
karelian appetizerskarelian appetizers 2These gourmet starters are eye catchers and include reindeer tongue and local cheeses.
fried vendaceLike in other lake towns, vendace is common, I appreciate the way Karelians fry it in butter and yet never get it too heavy.
sorbetIn the end a fruity sorbet and a sip of local schnaps/vodka/grappa known as Koskenkorva made me miss this place already.

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