Culinary experiences by the Garda lake

Garda lakeMy palate has enjoyed the local cuisine all the way!
Plenty of fish from the largest lake in Italy, meat of the best quality from the surrounding hills and wine, wine, wine!
We visited Lazise first, where we found ‘il Porticciolo‘, mainly fish cuisine, with a remarkable choice of antipasti, the very best is their pike a.k.a. ‘luccio alla gardesana’.
Luccio alla gardesanaWe went on with risotto with taleggio cheese and radicchio.
risotto radicchio e taleggioWith the irresistible conclusion of a vanilla & coffee cream cake and a mouthwatering biancomangiare.
Semifreddo vaniglia e caffè BiancomangiareWe also recommend la Villa, a bit further from the lake, in the hills surrounding Cavaion Veronese.
Utmost courtesy was the best companion to the amazing meal we had, with ‘bigoli alle sarde di lago’ and the best grilled lamb I ever had.
bigoli alle sarde di lagoagnello alla grigliaDulcis in fundo go to ‘alla Fassa’ right by the lake in Brenzone, a gourmet paradise with local ingredients.
Not willing to miss anything we tried it all, even a short locally made olive oil tasting with pumpkin bread in the beginning.
pumpkin bread and olive oilA savoury pie with lavarello fish on mashed potatoes and chestnuts, with truffle.
Tortino di lavarello su schiacciata di patate e tartufo del BaldoSalad, Pears and cream of Gorgonzola-cheese.
Tortino di pere con crema di gorgonzola e mandorleLake Garda Carbonara, a fish version of one of the most famous pasta recipes.
Carbonara di lagoAll desserts are pleasure to our stomachs aren’t they?
Especially if their names are:
creme caramel al caffèCoffee crème caramel
Tortino tiepido di pere e cioccolatoSmall cake with pears and chocolate
tre dessert alle castagneThree cakes in one (based on chestnuts).
There are several small wine cellars, we tried one that will soon be making organic wine, ‘le Tende’.
If Bardolino and Chiaretto are obvious and right local choices, we were favourably impressed by the experiment with ‘foreign’ grapes, Cicisbeo.

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