Bar-crawl, the Venician way

Il RidottoHopping Venician bars and taverns, locally known as ‘bàcari‘, hence the name ‘bacaràta‘ for the entire act. Great idea for a saturday in Venice, if you are not feeling like him
Still from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVERor you are just missing the mandatory bell-bottoms.
You may indulge yourselves with a few glasses of Prosecco or Spritz. And pick some tasty ‘cichèti‘ to dilute the effects of the previous two.
Here is my favourite itinerary, spangled with some landmarks to just feel you are actually on a cultural tour, starting from the railway station:
1. Al Cichèto
After the first stop, a diversion to Campo dei Mori and the Venician version of the talking statues you might have seen in Rome and the nearby Tintoretto‘s house.
Tintoretto's house2. Alla Vedova
3. Tiziano Snack Bar
Visit the nearby Corte Seconda del Miliòn, which was the nickname of Marco Polo‘s father. Yes, this was their neighbourhood.
4. Ostaria al Ponte
Right after the bridge the most beautiful ‘campo’ (=square) in Venice, the Basilica, the statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni, the Scuola Grande di San Marco. If needed, you may have a coffee at Rosa Salva in the same ‘campo’.
Rosa SalvaAnd, why not, budino al semolino con uvetta.
budini della Rosa Salva5. Mascarèta
Antipasti6. Naranzaria
7. All’Arco
8. Ruga Rialto
If warm, sit in the quiet back street.
9. Osteria ai Pugni
The bridge by the entrance, is the famous ‘Ponte dei Pugni’, the Bridge of Fists.
10. La Bitta
Later in the evening, you may want to mingle with students at Campo Santa Margherita.

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